Print and Play

Print and play version of the Refugee Card Game represents a beta version of the game in black and white.  This means that origin bonuses will be harder to see, but the game will still be playable.

Please enjoy the game and send us any feedback you have.

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Refugee Deck - 40 Cards

This is a representation of what could be included in the core set.  Because some Kickstarter rewards involve "being a refugee," you may not see ALL of these refugees as a part of the core set.

Action Deck - 40 Cards

These action cards are, for the most part, final.  There may be some minor changes to the text, but we do not anticipate adding or changing any cards that ship with the core game set.

Vetting Deck - 99 Cards

The final game will contain 140 Vetting cards, if you run out of vetting cards while playing a game, simply collect all of the used Vetting cards, shuffle them and reset the Vetting Deck.